Turkish Pide

Turkish Pide (Turkish flatbread) Pide is a flat bread baked with toppings in a stone oven. Pide and its various varieties are wide spread through Turkey and are established as an important food. The base is a flat-bread of a similar style to pita, chapati, or western pizza crust.


If you want to eat pide like a pro, you should order one with an egg on top. As soon as a pide is taken out of the oven, an egg is cracked on it. The heat of the pide is enough to cook the egg to a runny consistency. When the pide is served, you can dip the pointy crust part of the pide in the runny egg and enjoy some yummy goodness.



The best, most authentic pide come out of wood-fired ovens and are often served on wooden boards. While eating your pide don’t forget to sprinkle a pinch of pul-biber on top and order some ayran to drink.

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