kofta curry

The kofta curry, also known as the meatballs curry, is a sophisticated dish. It is not as most of us tend to believe, indigenous to the Indian subcontinent and Turkish, Mediterranean cuisines. 

The word ‘kofta’ is derived from the classical Persian verb kōftan which means ‘to beat’ or to mince. Koftas can include variety of fillings, thus it may or may not be made of meat. For instance, vegetarian koftas are famous in India they are filled with paneer .

Interestingly enough, fish and shrimp koftas are also enjoyed in certain parts of the world. Koftas are commonly served with a rich curry in Pakistan and according to the traditions, formal dinners are not complete without the succulent kofta curry. Our kofta curries are commonly made of mutton, chicken or beef mince.

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